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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Adventures in...washclothes!!! (You heard me right!!!)

I am updating from work. We have been kinda busy today. But, there is down time, so I figure, why not?

I got the Mason-Dixie Knitting Book. And The Yarn Harlot was right!! It makes you want to knit washcloths!! So I am. You know, I should totaly check out their blog one of these days...

I got some Duck Cloth for my bag. Nice and strong, water resistant, a little expensive (and I think I might need more). So I was sewing it in...and broke the needle on the sewing machine. I have no idea how to change the needle. It is my dad's machine, and I have only learned how to use it in the last year or so. I have finaly figured out how to thread the thing without having to call my dad every time. And you know what? I still fell a little wierd every time I use it. I guess that comes from my childhood when I was told that "sewing is man's work". My older brother informed me of that, as well as doing dishes being man's work, when we were kids and my dad was teaching him to sew and I wanted to learn to. I might ask my dad if he would take apart what I have done, and see if he can re-do it better, and use what I have, so I don't have to go and buy more. That bag has cost...well, we won't mention the exact cost yet. Can you guess? The entier thing is 100% wool. Maybe after pics people will guess. Probobly not though. When I sat down and figured it out, it blew me away. Ah, the delusions you can entertain when you buy your yarn a couple hanks at a time.

THis weekend we are going up to the Gypsy Caravan in Phoenix. It is supposed to be some huge Pagan gathering. No idea, none of us has ever been, so we will see. Gonna be hot though. I think Phoenix has broken 100 already. Sigh...and I have this plan to take the wool and restart the Sampler Shawl again. We'll see. WHo knows, maybe I will just take lots and lots of cotton and make washclothes all weekend!!


At 12:16 AM MST, Blogger Rain said...

What price on happiness? If it makes you happy and you can afford it then don't worry about.

You weekend away sounds like it will be really good.


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