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Monday, April 10, 2006

Adventures in Housesitting

I am housesitting for the next...not really sure how long. I have been here since Tuesday. My mother and step-dad went to Indiana to visit my aunt who just got back from Baghdad. Then they will stop on Louisianna to visit my cousin and aunt there on their way back to Tucson. The house is more in town, so that is good. But there are three dogs, so that is anoying. Luckily, it is only a 15 minute drive to get to SAAF, which I am working at Wensdays and THursdays now. I like it.

On to knitting news...I frogged the shawl. I made a mistake somewhere, and couldn't figure out where. So, I frogged it completley. It's ok though. I was almost finished with the first lace pattern. That think about 20 rows in. With 401 stitches on the needle. We are not going to discuss how many stitches that was. It would make me sad. Though, I am re-knitting it, and it is going faster, and I think I am doing a better job on it this time around anyway, so it all works out fine in the end. As long as we don't do any math.

Oh, guess what? I was talking to the regional Peace Corps recruiter today. He checked out my blog, and guess what the first entry on the page was? You guessed it, the "Tree Porn" title. I don't think he was overly impressed. Though, after I explained the joke, he seemed ok with it. Good thing I haven't posted any stash porn lately. Especialy not this picture. And I thought I had a close relationship with my yarn... Sigh...I need more yarn. I don't think my stash would fill up a bathtub. Even a small one.
There you go. The next time your non-knitting friends tell you your stash it to big, explain that it is not big until it will fill up a bathtub. And for purposes of this explination, we can keep it to ourselves that we consider an olympic size swimming pool to fall under the heading of "bathtub".


At 12:38 AM MST, Blogger Rain said...

At least the shawl is going faster this time around. I hate frogging rows with so many stitches, so I feel your pain.


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