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Monday, May 01, 2006

The End is Near!

I just finished the extention of the strap on my bag. It is really funky looking, but I love it. I need to make some finishing touches. I need to put a lining in it. I want something to stabalize the bag, but not sure what to use. My dad says to use "heave duck canvas". No idea what that is (I know what canvas is, of course, but duck canvas? I am sure that if I walk into JoAnn's, someone will help me), but the "heavy" part is kinda turning me off. I don't want the bag to be heavy. It is 100% wool, so it is a little weighty, though not to bad. But if I put in heavy canvas, then it will be even heavier, and when I put stuff in it... And since my purse/bag was stolen THursday (a bag I got in Dublin, Ireland. Keli got us all lost, and we found this great little shop. I loved that bag), this will most likely be my new major bag. Even though the colors...well, I will leave it until it is compeltley finished with all the last touches, then I will post pictures, and you can all see it. It isn't exactly what I wanted. I had to improvise, but I like how things changed on it. It is crazy, and unique...a lot like I am.

The shawl is still on hiatus. The blanket I am going to focus on for a bit.


At 7:36 AM MST, Blogger Rain said...

Some stiff card or the plastic you get some ringbinders made from is a good way to stabilise the base. You can either put it in under the lining or build it into the lining so it doesn't move about.

I can't wait to see it.


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