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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

KIP, books, other randomness...

I had a doctor's appointment this morning horrible experience, we will never speak of it again , and the receptionist saw my bag (the one I have yet to post pics about. I will, I promise. Really. But I am housesitting, so no promises that I will remember when I get home where my digital camera is. Ingy, remind me, or someone else can), and loved it. Then I pulled out the sock, and everyone was impressed. It makes me feel special when they are impressed by my sock. It is one sock on two circular needles. Not good circs though. I wanted to get some Addi's on Monday. Purl's is supposed to be honoring Joann's coupons on Mondays this June/summer (?), so I figured I could get some coupons and get some addi's in a price range I can afford. But I couldn't find any Joann's coupons (of course, when I need them, they are never around.), which ended up working out, because I found a couple books instead. I got Loser, by the author of Maniac Magee, and my dad should send off the box today. My cousin is in Lousinianna. Not the greatest move, in my opinion. I miss the girl. She just turned 13, I think. Or is she still 12? Eh, at least I know she isn't 10 anymore it's hard thinking of her growing up. I remember when I spent Rodeo Vacation at her house. She was a bit over a year. I slept in the bed and she she slept in the crib in the room with me. Every morning at 2am or so she would throw stuffed animals at me until I woke up and brought her in bed with me, then we would sleep.. Well, I sent her off a box of some stuff. Books, some other things. Maniac Magee was a favorite of mine when I was a kid. Also, I sent Johnny Tremain, another favorite. Umm...some of the Lemmony Snickett books...I was going to send her some Artimis Fowl books. I have the first 2, and picked up the third with Loser, but I decided I want to read the third, and since I am not sure where the first is, I will send her all three when I finish the third.
Anyway, that is where my addi money went. And seriously, though I really want some better needles for socks, I am happy buying books for my cousin.

This weekend, I was supposed to have a training seminar at SAAF, but it was cancled due to lack of signups. Sigh...I was looking forward to it. Second time it has been canceled. But, Saturday Purl's is having a sale, and Ingy is having a Star Trek Marathon. So I don't have to miss the sale or be late and tierd for Ingy's thing.
So it all works out I guess. More time to work on socks.

I am listening to the BritKnitCast (I wanted to copy a link, but I am on a different computer, and it isn't giving me links...wierd...anyway, if you are interested, on my sidebar, click to Rain's blog, Frog In Knots. Then from there you can get the link. It is on her blog entry for June 16). Not exactly what I thought Rain would sound like. I guess I expected her to sound like my aunt's husband's family, and the people around there. But logicaly, I should realise that they are from totaly different parts of the country. Like expecting me to sound like someone from Brooklyn or something. Well, loved the show, and loved hearing Rain talk about her designing!


At 10:50 AM MST, Anonymous Ingrid said...

I read Johnny Tremain in 3rd grade, and loved it!! When I read about that it brought back memories :)

Yay for the Star Trek marathon this Saturday! WHOO! I get paid on Friday, so maybe I can go the the Purl's sale with you on Saturday (but I'm on a tight budget until I leave for Europe).

At 2:09 AM MST, Blogger Rain said...

Lol, accents around England are so varied. You go just 20 miles away and people are indecipherable. I sound really odd at the moment too, I'm waiting to goin for an operation on my nose.

Yay for people loving your knitting, it's great when something like that happens.

I think your cousin will love her books, definitely worth spending the money on.


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