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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Oppertunity knocks

Guess what? Guess! Can't? OK, I'll tell you: The Yarn Harlot is comming to AZ!!! She just updated her tour page and will be comming to Mesa in July (that is a suburb of Phoenix, which is about an hour and a half north of Tucson)!! I am SOOOOO excited!!!

On another note...I spilled soda on my sock. And in my bag. Let me start from the beginning...I don't drink soda. Not usualy. But I am housesitting, and you know how it is in a bed that isn't yours. So, I decided to take some soda to work today, because I figured the caffeen and sugar would keep me up. The soda leaked out of my bottle into my bag. It soaked the back, my spiral that has patterns copied into it. Got on my sock. Soaked my bag...sigh. So, I have to wash the sock and the bag (carefully, the sock is wool, though it is superwash, but still on the needles. The back is 100% wool. Not superwash), and on top of it all, the soda gave me a stomache ache and a head ache. Now I remember why I don't drink soda. It also got on my new Buck Rogers book that my dad found for me. It is really good. An "autobiography" of Buck Rogers! It follows the comic storyline(which is one of my more favorite. Though the RAM one is good too). Luckily, it only got the corner of the pages wet, so the book is ok. I would cry if it wasn't. Especialy since my other Buck Rogers book that I have been waiting for has yet to come in. I think my dad found this one for me to distract me from the LACK OF MY BOOK!!! um...incase you are wondering where this comes from...I am a little bit of a Buck Rogers fan...atic. The radio shows, the comics, the tv series, both of them...the books, all the differnet storylines...Buck Rogers is cool!


At 11:36 PM MST, Blogger Rain said...

Oh crap! Hope you manage to wash everything ok.


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