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Friday, July 14, 2006

Afghans for Angels

I want to thank Connie for this link Afghans for Angels. Quite some time ago, my sister ok, in my comvoluted familial structure, she is actualy my older brothers ex-wife. We have the malarial view of family. Once you are infected with us, you are stuck with us forever. You might go into remission, but eventualy, it will flare up again lost her 3rd son. She was 8 months pregnant, and had a horrible time with the pregnancy. Labor with her first 2 boys was 6 and 4 hours. But she had to go through labor with Andreu, even though they knew he would be stillborn. It was hard on everyone. I think if we had known about this charity, it would have made things easier. I had about half finished a blanket I had been making for him. I think now that I should have cast it off and given it to Cassie anyway. But instead I gave it to Shea so she could finish, and she gave it to some family that came through her neo-natal nursary in Minn. Cassie hasn't really dealt with the loss of her 3rd son. I think that not giving her the blanket (even though she was the one who said to finish it and give it to a charaty) was a mistake.

Thank you Connie for this link. It is one that I will be knitting for, and I hope everyone makes at least one blanket for it. It won't make the pain go away, but it might help ease it a little, and elp deal.


At 2:36 AM MST, Blogger Rain said...

It must have been so hard for her. It's a wonderful charity.


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