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Thursday, July 06, 2006

A River In Egypt...

Ever wonder how knitters can live in denial for so long? The socks that I was making, the ones that I couldn't talk about because they were a present...well, in no universe would they have fit the recipient. I was making socks for my step-dad for Father's Day (please, don't talk about the maor denial when I cast on the socks while he was in surgery the Monday before...6 days to finish a pair of socks. And I didn't even cast on both. One sock on two circs...see what I am talking about?). The socks fit me. I realised this when I tried them on (curiosity. Really. I swear!! It wasn't that I liked the colors. Honest), and they fit me around the cuff. I am using the fact that I can wear the same shoes and socks as my dad as my ecuse for continueing to knit them after I realised this. My dad and I both wear size 9 shoes. My step-dad? Well, his foot is actualy a foot. Seriously, 12 inches!! I turned the heel. I was half way down the foot. I ran out of yarn on that skein. It wasn't until then I realised that I was living in a houseboat, happily floating down De Nial!!

I took my step-dad to Purl's on Monday, for their day of honoring Joann's and Michael's 40% off cupon, and he picked out a brand and a color he liked (he only wanted to look at wool. That kinda surprised me, but something to keep in mind later). I measured his foot, he told me how long he wanted the cuff. And on my new Addi Turbo's, I have 2 socks cast on (100 stitches on size 3 needles) and am about an inch and a half down the cuff. I am going to lunch with him and my mother and my neice and some other friends tomorrow. At which point I will slip the socks on, and make sure they will be big enough. No denial this time!! No surprise either, which is a little upsetting. But that is ok. I have his measurements, so I can make him another pair later and surprise him. And it will be even more of a surprise then too.

I think I will keep the first pair. Finish them, and wear them myself. I like the colors and woolyness. I will post pics when I get a chance. I am at work now, and Saturday early, my dad and I are going on a tour of Northern Arizona. We are going to the Grand Canyon, Jerome, the Petrified FOrrest, Metior Crater, the London Bridge...and whatever else catches our fancy. I am excited.

and for people who are wondering why my dad doesn't have a pair of socks...well, my dad is great. He supports my habit more than anyone. He buys me yarn, keeps his eyes open for yarn and needles at thrift stores, gives me money and sends me to my SnB when I have had a bad day. But, when I knit him things, even things he asks for, he looks at them, says "nice" and it ends up in the back of a drawer somewhere. Despite this, he has asked for a smaller version of my Monks Travel Satchel, and I will probobly make it for him. My step-dad on the other hand...he is more like Shea. I can knit him anything, and he will wear it. I could knit him a pair of bright day-glo pink socks made out of painfull-to-wear acrylic, and he would wear them. More than that, he wear them with sandles and shorts so he could stop strangers on the street and say "look at my socks. My daughter made them for me." I could finish the ones that will be to small, and he would carry them around in his pocket, just so he could show them to people. SHea is the same way. I know the Irish Diamond Shawl wasn't the greatest. It weighs a ton, and has many blaring mistakes in in. But she wears it. She e-mails me about how she loves it because she can cuddel under it and read a book. She takes it to her Scottish Dance group ad showes it off. My neices are like that too. Though, they are 2 and 7. If I knit them something, they love it. I love knitting for people like that.


At 1:57 AM MST, Blogger Rain said...

Oooo you sock thief!

At least you know he'll like them as he's chosen the yarn. As you've said you could always surprise him later with another pair.

You're right, it is nice knitting for those you know appreciate it.

At 12:47 PM MST, Blogger Connie said...

Hello, name's Connie. I found you through a search on Blogger and have been lurking for a bit.
You're lucky to have people who not only appreciate it, but love it to such extremes.
If I may be so bold, where could I find the pattern for the Irish Diamond Shawl?


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