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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Knitting help!!

Ha, you all forgot that this was a knitting blog, didn't you? You were distracted by all the cool pics from all the cool national parks. Don't worry, we will get back to thoes soon. We still have Jerome, Casa Grande, Tuzigoot (!!! Say it aloud!! It is soooo much fun!! TOOOOZIGOOOOT!!! Hehe. You have to smile!), Lake was quite a nice couple of trips. Except for the 120 F in Lake Havasu. And the bug bite on my bottom lip where all the skin sluffed off. That is painful. But other than that, nice trips.

Back to the knitting question...
My step-dad wants argyle socks. He has wanted some since I starte knitting. The Yarn Harlot appears to have begun something argyle. And Moth Heaven has some cool color schemes remember the comment about the day glow pink socks for my step-dad? This could be my oppertunity
The only probloms are: 1)I have never done inarsia, 2)I don't know what colors to do it in and 3)I still haven't finished the other pair(s) of socks for him. Did get a good 3 inches done on his 8 inch cuff (he wants 8 inch go along with his 12 inch at the ER last week though.
I think the fact that I am seeing argyle on other blogs is a sign that it is time for me to do it, finaly. So, I need advice on colors, and any advice you choose to give me on inarsia. The advice on finishing...well, we all know my non-monogomous knitting...I don't think advice there will work.

SEcond knitting help: remmeber the birthday yarn?
I have decided that unless I move to Siberia, there is no way I will ever need a full leangth wool coat (this is of course after I finished the back, one of the sides and half done with the other side). I am not happy with it anyway. So I need something else to turn that yarn into. I love it. With a passion. It is pretty, feels nice, is wool, feels nice, great color...I love that yarn. I was thinking a shawl for myself, but can't decide on a pattern. Any advice? On a shawl pattern, or something else to do with the yarn. I have a lot of it, so more than one thing is possible.


At 12:37 AM MST, Blogger Rain said...

For pattern ideas I go to and stick knitting into the search. The knitting pattern directory is always worth an explore too.

I think I'd try something worked flat before launching into socks until you get the knack of twisting the yarns so it doesn't leave gaps. The main problem with colourwork is people pulling the strands across the back of the work too tight so it all looks pinched. You need to be looking more into stranded colourwork/ fair isle techniques as you can't knit intarsia in the round (the yarn is at the wrong end of the work when you come round to it again). Bear in mind that the socks won't have as much stretch in them as usual as you will have yarn stranded across the back of them restricting how far they can stretch to go over heels.

That's all I can think of for the moment.


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