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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Vacation: Day Two - The Grand Canyon

We go up with the sun, and left the KAO campsite

    never stay at a KOA!!! We got there and got our campsite, and it was really expensive. For what they charged, we could have gotten a motel room. We went to the assigned campsite, and there were people in it!! My dad went back to the office and told them there was already people in the campsite. So they assigned us to one that was a third the size of the previous one!! For the same price!! That one was infested with ants. When I went to the office to ask them for ant killer, they told me "it doesn't work, but you can waste your money". Everything I said to them was replied with "you can waste your money". When I told them I was horribly allergic to ants and would wind up in the hospital, they told me that I was welcome to "waste my money". So I told them we needed another campsite. THey assigned us a number, and from the otherside of the office, someone said "that's my campsite!" So we got the one next to him. Four campsites, expensive place, rude people, who have no consideration for the health and welfare of their costomers. I sent a complaint to KOA, who said they would reply in 48 has been a week, and nothing. So, keep yourself happy, NEVER stay at a KOA!! End public service anouncement

Anyway, we went to the Grand Canyon, stopping at the National Geographic Visitors Center N35'58.470/W112'07.606 and looked around. It had some cool pictures and history of the Grand Canyon. They had a replica of the wooden boat that Powell used when he explored the Grand Canyon (I saw a cool special on it on PBS. Hehe, a lot of the trip was "hey, I saw **** on Arizona Highways/PBS"). Then we went to the National Forrest and were at Mather Point N36'03.686/W112'06.492 which is the first place you can see the Canyon

See the rocks? See the shiny on the rocks? People threw down money, and it covered the rocks and everything.

We then went to the Watchtower N36'02.646/W111'49.572 which was really cool.

Except for the narrow winding stairs. I am a klutz. Thinking back, going to a giant crack in the ground probobly wasn't the best vacation spot...


At 2:39 AM MST, Blogger Rain said...

Your photos are amazing. The Grand Canyon is on my list of things to do before I die.


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