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Monday, July 17, 2006

Vacation: Day One Cont. cont. - Painted Desert

this is the second post of the day. If you haven't read the one about the Petrified Forest, then scroll down. We went to the Petrified Forest before the Painted Desert. But apperently, blogger will only let me have a certain number of pics in a post

Then off to the Painted Desert N35'03.786/W109'48.160 (at the part of the state we were in, they are in the same park. The Forest was on the south side, and the Desert was on the north.)

Where we found a geocache (that's my GPS. It is waterproof, and my dad made a wrist thingy for it.)

In the Painted Desert, there were the Puerco Ruins N34'58.543/W109'47.645

The rest was just beutiful...and there was a double rainbow

We then made it to Flaggstaff, where we camped at a KOA NEVER camp at a KOA!! Horrible place, expensive, horrible staff.

We slept in pup tents. It wouldn't have been so bad, except someone kicked the rock that was pulling out the sie of my tent...well, when you are claustrophobic, and the walls really are falling in on you...not a very good nites sleep. But the next day: The Grand Canyon!! WHich made the horrible KOA nite woth it.


At 2:16 AM MST, Blogger Rain said...

Very cool pics. The painted desert ones look amazing.


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