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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Vacation: Day One - Walnut Canyon

Our first stop was Walnut Canyon National Park N35'10.305/W111'30.561. I collect waypoints for places I have been. I have some cool ones, so don't be surprised if you see lat/long scattered throughout these posts. We ended up getting a National Park Pass. So very worth it!!

My dad at the entrence

From the top...see the clif dwelling across the canyon?

The cliff dwellings play a part in the story here...My dad and I go to clif dwellings when we can. They're cool. Well, whenever my dad and I go to a cliff delling, just the two of us, it rains. ALways. Walnut Canyon was no different but if someone goes with us, it is hot. When we went to Montezuma's Castle, we all froze overnite, and burned at the dwellings and well.

SOme of the cliff dwellings N35'10.105/W111'30.638. Notice how small they are. One of the signs said the people who lived there averaged 5'4" for the men. My dad is nearly 6', and I am 5'10". I couldn't imagine living where I couldn't stand up.

Later, The Petrified FOrrest and The Painted Desert


At 2:48 AM MST, Blogger Rain said...

Cool pics. It looks like a fantastic trip.

At 10:37 AM MST, Blogger Teri S. said...

I love cliff dwellings, too. We visited some in New Mexico (I can't remember where right now), but the place was deserted. It was fascinating to sit in them and look at the ceiling which was smudged with smoke and imagine what life was like for these people. It sounds like you had a great vacation!


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