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Monday, July 17, 2006

Vacation: Day One cont. - Petrified Forest

Back on the road after Walnut Canyon. We were heading to the Petrified ForestN34'48.911/W109'51.936

First though, we stopped at the Navajo County Court House and Jail N34'54.185/W110'09.466. The visitor's center for the area was there.

They had the old jail there, built in 1898, and last used in 1976. Very small and cramped. It was cool.

Then back on the road...

We got to the Petrified Forest, and walked through a "forest"N34'48.961/W109'51.991 with trails

Ok, I think blogger only lets me have a certain number of pictures, so the Painted Desert will have it's own post


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