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Friday, July 21, 2006


    Hehe, I love that name!! We got to Tuzigoot National Monument N34'46.133/W112'01.601 at 8am, as soon as it opened. That was great, noone else showed up until we were leaving.
    Tuzigoot is just across a valledy from a mine refinery. So that lot you see here was where they dumpped all the tailings. Dad said that last time he went to Tuzigoot, it was really gross. But now the mine is trying to clean it up. THey are planting and trying to turn the land back to what it was before their horrible polution of it.

            This is the other side of the ruins, where the mine couldn't get to it. The Colorado River runs through there, where the trees are.

            800+ year old walls. Pretty cool, huh?

            You follow this path, which we shared with lizards, really big ones. Well, not as big as the ones I have around my house, but I feed them and protect them from the cats and stuff, but still pretty big. It was nice walking through the ruins. Kinda like we were the only people who had ever been there. You could go inside them, and some still had roofs, which you could climb the stairs and go up on (ok, logicaly, there had to be someone to stabalize the building and build the stairs, since the origianl buildings didn't have windows and used laders to get in and out). As we were leaving, a family with young children were entering. I am glad we finished before they got there.


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