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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Jerome and Casa Grand

We went to Jerome. It is a mining city that is built on the side of the mountain where the mines are. The mines dried out in the 60's, and were closed in '64 I think. Then Jerome was basicaly a gost town, until they turned to tourism. And that is what Jerome does now. When we were there walking down the street, I stopped in frount of the police station. Some sixth sense told me there was something interesting around. My dad was about half a block up the street (he didn't stop when I did), and stopped when he realised I had, turned around, and pointed up. On the second floor of the police station was a yarn store. But they were closed. Dad said "well, I guess like birds have a bit of iron ore in their noses to always find north, knitters have a bit of wool in their's to always find yarn".

The reason we went to Jerome was because my great grandfater did the supply wagon a couple times a week there from Prescott the winding roads were bad enough in a car. I can't imagine doing it in a mule drawn wagon. He was there during the earthquake (probobly the landslide of '37). HE was sitting in his wagon, and saw the sherrifs office collapse and get barried. He watched teh sherrif crawl out the second floor window. Then he turned around and went back to Prescott, and quit his job. So we wanted to find the old jailN34'45.044/W112'06.882. Here it is. This is across the street from where it originaly was.

Then to Casa Grande. The ruins N32'59.653/W112'32.246 there are really cool. They weren't just a village like all the others. The Great House is actualy an observatory.


At 1:51 AM MST, Blogger Rain said...

More cool pics.

Glad to hear your yarn radar is well tuned, just a shame the shop was closed.


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