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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Knitting Heros

Yesterday, I went to ASU to see the Mark Newport exhibit. I first read about Mark Newport in this Knitty article and noticed that he had a show up in Phoenix, only 2 hours away at the ASU Art Museum! So yesterday Sarah and I went to see it. He has some really cool stuff embroidered comic book covers, drawings, and the most important stuff, KNITTED SUPER HERO COSTUMES!!! They were really cool. My favorite was Sweaterman! It was great! He also did the classics: Batman, Spiderman, The Fantastic Fou, etc.
ANd it turns out that he lives in Arizona, he's on the faculty of ASU. Now, I am a UA student, and as such I should loath anything ASU, but after reading about Mark Newport and finding out that he teaches at ASU, I want to take classes there. If I could transfer to ASU for my last simester, I totaly would. Heck, I'll change my major so I can have him for a teacer!!
Sarah says that we need to make a shrine to Prof. Newport and worship him now. I tend to agree. Expecialy after we noticed that the yarn he was using was...wait for it...RED HEART!!! Can you beleive it!! This man in a genious, and he uses cheap acrylic yarn.
So now, I will never speak down aout Red Heart again, or listen to it!!
Some random knitter :"Red Heart is cheap gross yarn"
Me: "maybe, but Mark Newport uses it!!"
Unfortunelty, stupid ASU wouldn't let me take pics while in the galery, and they didn't have any pics to buy of his stuff. But you can download and print from the ASU site, so I might do that.

I highly encourage anyone who is able to see his stuff. At least check out the links to the ASU articles. Unfortunetly, It doesn't appear that he has his own webpage. Tears.


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