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Monday, August 15, 2005


Have you ever done something so well that you are afraid to do it again? Like, you knit something so perfect, and love the pattern, but are afraid to ever knit it again because you know nothing will ever top that article. Or you write a paper that just blows your prof. away, and you don't ever want to write another one, because you know you will never be able to reach thoes expectations again?

Sometimes I feel like that. I knit something, and was in the zone, and it just turns out so perfect, that you know no matter what, the next time you pick up the needles, you won't be able to do that again. But you do it, and you are so focused on trying to make it perfect again that you just keep messing up, and forget that you knit for fun. And you have to stop, and put everything away, and do something else, until you remember why you knit.

RIght now, I am remembering why I knit. I made this bootie for my new nephew (who I have yet to meet. Idiot Boy keeps saying "ya, come over tomorrow" then does something else.) and not only am I fighting with SSS, but with perfection as well. And I keep telling myself, if I wanted it perfect, I would go to the store and get ones that are perfect.

I am not perfect. Just practicaly perfect in every way.


At 1:30 PM MST, Blogger noricum said...

I get feelings like that all the time. Or I've gotten to a certain point in my program, it's so beautiful, and I'm worried I'll screw it all up in the next step.

At 1:31 PM MST, Blogger noricum said...

You didn't get my comment... your juno account is full.


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