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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Straw into Gold

YEsterday, I had a spinning lesson at HHH. Such a great lady, Esther is!! She could totaly spin straw into gold. I can make lumpy twisted wool (it's not yarn until it is washed! I learned that yesterday!!). It was so cool!! I had a blast. Though Spinning is a lot harder than it looks. A 2 hour lesson, and by the end I was just getting the hang of it. Drafting is the worst. You have to pull the fibres a lot harder than you think you need to. But I will be going back! Yay, a new hobby!

Gabby came to, and was a little...well, she had a late nite. Friday was St. Patrick's Day. Yes, I am Irish (my grandparents spent a lot of money illigaly getting into this country and buying all the kids American birth cirtificates), but I am also Pagan. My friend Dawn and I have a thing(she is the only one who understands how I feel about it), every year she says "Happy National Getting Plastered Day" and I say "Happy Day of the Guy Who Butchered My Ancestors". Then we hang out. Friday, we hung out at her new appatment and then went to her hottub. It was nice. I hadn't seen her in forever!
Really, St. Patrick's Day is a bit anoying for me. 1)I don't drink. Yes, occasonaly I do, but mostly, I don't like being intoxicated. I am a control freak, and alcohol takes away the control. Besides, I did get hung over once (actualy threw up in my dad's car...that was funny), and really hated it, so I drink even less now than I did before that. 2)I am Irish. I see no point in celebrating the day of an English slave who robbed Irish graves so he could hire mercanaries to butcher the Irish people. Not really something I want to spend my day doing. 3)I am Pagan. Why, exactly, would someone who was born and raised BT/Gard (let's not get into the irony of an Irish family following a British path. I have never figured it out, and it is just easier to ignore it. Less pain in the head) want to celebrate a Catholic feast day? You know how Patrick brought xianity to Ireland? The same way everyone else did back then. He killed anyone who wouldn't convert and burned all the religious figures and places of the previous religion. That's what they did. Remember Constanine? He would walk into a villiage and march everyone through a river, then say they were baptised, and wasn't he great for converting a whole town? Now, I have no problom with xians celebrating the day. After all, it is their holiday, and a large part of their religion is conversion. But be honest.
OK, end rant. Sorry you had to live through that. I probobly should have warned you. Two or three times a year I get anoyed and go off.
But, for the people who do celebrate, I hope you had a good time, and were responcible in your merry making.

Now, I am almost done with my bag(!!), making good progress on my blanket, just pulled out the shawl, haven't touched the jacket or vest in a while. I think that how I will deal with my casting on withdrawl is to cast on. Yes, simple, I know. See, the bag is done in peices, and I was totaly jonesing, and when I finished one section, and cast on for another, it was nice. Not as nice as a new project, but it was good enough. The jacket is also knit in sections. When I get wanting a new project again, I will finish the last couple rows of the side pannel and cast on for the next one. And the bag, I can make as many pockets as I want!! They are just rectangular peices that I will later sew on! Wow, look at me being all smart! My university education didn't go to waste!


At 1:21 AM MST, Blogger Rain said...

Yay for an American actually being Irish as opposed to just pretending because it sounds cool or were Irish about 10 generations ago. Ooo that gets my goat.

Chritianity is full of crap like that all the way back to the beginning and so many people don't see it and blindly follow. Bah!

These days in Ireland among those our age it's less of a celebration of St Patrick and more of a celebrating being Irish thing, with the day just being an excuse. The meaning really seems to have taken a turn in another direction.

Sounds like the knitting is going well.


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